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Micah, Mary, Chuck, Bruce, & Ziggy.

This is us! Cicero’s Garden. Micah & Mary. Just us (and our dogs, and a cat) living in Molalla, OR. We have always had a dream of working for ourselves, and we also have a passion for local foods, simple living, and homesteading. From this passion stemmed an idea: let’s quit our jobs, move into an Alaskan style Wall Tent, and start our own business…There was a little more planning and discussing than that but generally, that was the idea and we couldn’t let it go.

We joked about doing this for about a year before we finally decided to make it happen. In February of 2017 we packed up our apartment in Oregon City and moved out to the country to live in a tent.




Talk about minimalism and simple living. It has taken some adjusting, but not as mush as we thought. It feels new every day.  Tapestries and thick rugs and the wind blowing through? Talk about divine.

Fast forward to now, May of 2017. We have begun our business adventure: Cicero’s Garden LLC.

With Cicero’s Garden LLC, we will provide our community with a variety of fresh mushrooms (with more planned in the future! Like honey and roasted coffee.)

Ok this is sounding too much like a sales pitch. I’ll just say this: we are totally jazzed about this new path we have taken and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Thank you just for visiting our site. And remember…Adventure is out there!

Micah & Mary

For more information on tent living check out darlingdenver.wordpress.com


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