The world is my oyster…


camplife oysters
Our babies!

Good morning Friends!

We have finally had our first Oyster harvest! Only from one bag. We cut them off and fried them up in olive oil, salt, and pepper. And they were wonderful! Their texture is so different and the taste is unlike that of a button mushroom. Have you had an oyster mushroom? Really, just the oil, salt, and pepper did the trick.

Here is a recipe for oyster mushroom pizza, posted by Julie over at Forbidden Rice Blog. 
This is going to be the first dish I make with our next flush. The only thing better than mushrooms is pizza, and the only thing better than pizza is mushroom pizza.

So far we haven’t flushed enough mushrooms to justify a trip to the Farmers Market. This week I plan on filling the entire greenhouse with bags just ready for fruiting. We have our fingers crossed for mid-late July. No! More! Setbacks! God willing.

It is a thrill for me to walk out of our tent and next door to our greenhouse to see our work paying off. The smell of earth in there, of mushrooms. The humid, cool(ish) air. Sometimes I just stand in there and look at our little babies growing up.

After we are up and running a little more we fully intend on selling our own grow bags straight to the customer. Want to grow your own oysters on your kitchen counter? We will get you all ready to go. Wouldn’t that be nice? Let me tell you, it’s super nice.

Do you have any oyster mushroom recipes I should try? Share them in the comments. Next blog post maybe I will share some dishes we have made!

Thank you for visiting. We will talk again soon.

Godspeed friends,
Mary & Co.


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